Archive of month: May 2009

‘A.I. in the Real World’ Lecture at Sussex University

Dr. Blay Whitby was kind enough to invite me to lecture to his 2nd year students for the last lecture in his Artificial Intelligence course, the aim being to give the students a grounding in Artificial Intelligence in the real (as opposed to academic) world. Topics covered include War Stories from my last 10 years […]

Enabling Marble Mouse Scroll-wheel on Ubuntu 9.04, PulseAudio

In my recent upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to the latest 9.04 I lost the scroll wheel on my Marble Mouse.  The solutions is in this Logitech Marblemouse USB help page at Ubuntu via this forum entry. I’m also annoyed by PulseAudio (again).  Once again it takes over from ALSA but doesn’t output any sound, currently […]

Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 on Dell 9400 Laptop

We’ve just installed Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 onto Emily’s Dell 9400 laptop.  As ever there are some wrinkles, I’ll note them here. First – installation was fine and easy.  I used a 10Gb root partition and the rest (about 100Gb) as /home.  Sound worked straight away. Video is, as ever, a bit more interesting.  This machine […]

Transcribing a podcast via eLance

Recently I’ve given two podcast interviews for ProCasts (Startup-Success Screencasting, How to Start Screencasting). A user had asked if a written transcript would be available, knowing that not everyone likes listening to 45 minutes of discussion I figured a transcript would be a smart idea (and letting Google read the text couldn’t hurt too). I […]

Testing ShowMeDo Embedded Videos

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