Archive of month: January 2009

Making Local Freelancers More Visible

Here’s a problem I’ve been pondering for the last few months, maybe you can say if my idea has legs… This year I’ll be expanding my ProCasts at a rate of knots.  I intend to partner with a set of great freelancers (particularly animators and 2D designers) – but how do I find them? The […]

Some ProCasts bits

Given that 2008 ended well I’m going to give in to a bit of self-indulgence.  The best ending for my ProCasts was helping Justin in the days running up to Christmas increase his sign-up rate for with a 3 minute front-page screencast.  Being told “My bounce rate has decreased about 7 percent per day. […]

Marble-mouse sticking, finger slips [solved]

For the last few weeks my lovely Logitech Marble Mouse has been sticking – my finger would slip whenever I pulled it towards me (‘down’) whilst up, left and right were just fine.  I had a memory that when I first bought the mouse in August everything was much smoother… A quick Google revealed nought […]