Archive of month: April 2008

£5 App a la Ribot (Qik live video blogging)

OMG. I remember Ribot sitting there with his Nokia doing some live video stuff at our last £5 App by Madgex co-founder Glenn but I didn’t really pay it much heed…until now when I’ve found the videos. One the one hand – very cool, on the other – my privacy gene is doing somersaults. ‘Glenn […]

Teaching Python at ShowMeDo

Two months ago we started our ShowMeDo Club where paying subscribers get access to specially crafted Python tutorials. These series are generally much longer and more involved than most of the free videos on ShowMeDo, they tend to include exercises with worked solutions too. We’ve had a very good response and everyone who has bought […]

Last £5 App in our ‘year of stories’

Next week’s £5 App event is on April 8th at 13 Brunswick Square – this event marks the end of a ‘year of stories’ and from here we move to a workshop-style set of sessions. First we showed that you can build a business or project without funding during our 11 great talks over the […]