Archive of month: June 2007 live is now a live and running site. Currently it is just a static page linking to the recent talks, soon John will Djangoify it. We’re open to ideas, first off we’d like to let people submit links to their own write-ups and flickr photos. What else do we need?

Dan’s talk – mp3 available

Dan Glegg’s talk from the last £5 App is now available as an mp3, see his blog entry. Hi talk is clear, slides are available too. John hopes to get a fivepoundapp website up and running soon and then we can have links to all the resources in the one place.

3rd £5 App – Dan Glegg and The Pitches

John and I held another great £5 App meet last night (previous event). Even though we had to limit numbers on Upcoming we still had our regular 20-or-so turn-out. John made more Ginger Cake and I bought some better beer for this event. First half – the talk: Dan Glegg (angryamoeba) gave another great talk […]