Archive of month: April 2007

Jobs Board at the £5 App Meet

At the first £5 App meet we had a lot of people who either run their own company or are part of a start-up. I spoke to a bunch of people about how they go about finding contractors and permie staff and everyone agrees that it is a right pain. Personal networking seems to be […]

Raj (kwiqq) on Brighton’s Geek Scene

Raj ( blogs about the local Brighton start-up scene and our gets a mention. Raj and Alan will be presenting at the next £5 App meet ( 8th May). Raj also covers the Brighton Girl Geek Dinners, I was at the 3rd event last night – another strong turn-out and a great talk on […]

£5 App on Social Start-ups – 2nd event Tuesday May 8th

[Edit – see ‘Second £5 App Write-up – Social Start-ups‘ for the write-up of this second event] John and I have organised our second £5 App, this one takes place on Tuesday May 8th (details: Upcoming). Please mark your attendance over at Upcoming and un-attend if you can’t make it as we’ll be guessing how […]

Geek Wine Tasting

Danny’s fabulous Geek Wine Tasting idea is going ahead, first tested at the last TWYCDIYHTM (btw thanks Matt and Charlie for organising TWY…I’m looking forward to the next one). Likely date: Tues 22nd May. He’s looking for a better name than ‘Geek Wine Thing’ – I’m suggesting Geek Tasting…please help Danny out with some suggestions. […]