Archive of month: December 2005’s Founder Looks Back

Here’s a cool post from the founder of, a failed but well-funded social bookmarking site from 1999. He talks about their past offering given the recent success of the social bookmarking service and their acquisition by Yahoo!. He laments their mistakes, it’s rare to see someone be quite so open about their decisions: […]

John – Thank You!

I’d like to say a huge thank-you to John to helping ShowMeDo take a step forward, we’ve now got a daemonised TurboGears server that runs 24/7 (woot!). There’s nothing to see yet (really, there’s just a blank page) as I haven’t yet put up any content or the real server…but we’re getting there. Fingers crossed […]

Upgrading Ubuntu, problems and solutions

I’ve just upgraded my Ubuntu linux distribution from “Hoary Hedgehog” to “Breezy Badger”. I ran into some trouble, I’m pretty sure it was all caused by me running out of disk space during the upgrade. For the record I’ve added the process here to go from a broken upgrade to one that works. I also […]