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Collection of Entrepreneurial Tidbits

John points me at Where are all the UK start-ups?, a very interesting read with a heck of a lot of commentary from other budding entrepreneurs. This in turn inspired How to Build a Successful Web Startup in the UK – Part I (Part II online now) which has a slightly odd argument about how […]

The Daily Grind

Jonathan Sanderson of The Daily Grind has the (dubious) honor of being the first person I don’t know to make a comment on my blog (regarding the UK-EFF idea). Cool! He points out that the OpenTech website has videos of the session where the UK-EFF pledge was discussed. 511 people are signed-up now, that’s over […]

UK EFF Pledge

“I will create a standing order of 5 pounds per month to support an organisation that will campaign for digital rights in the UK but only if 1000 other people will too.” — Danny O’Brien Danny O’Brien is one of Need To Know the rather cool monthly tech/satirical IT update. He’s suggested that we in […]

Lord of the Rhymes

These guys rock, their Lord of the Rhymes is a nerdcore Hobbit/Middle Earth parody of Tolkien’s finest. Check out the music video (large, 40.5mb download), it is amazing. The other mp3s aren’t bad, but the video is clearly the best. Turn it up loud. I came across this nerdcore stuff via a Slashdot posting “Nerdcore […]

Review: The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)

The Tipping Point is damned excellent. It’s a real easy read with lots of insights on how little things can make a big difference. In one case (p. 96) two pieces of medical literature were delivered to students educating them about the benefits of a tetanus shot. In the first case the final take-up rate […]

Eve launches

Eve has officially launched her friendly wedding photography service – Tie The Knot Pictures: Tie the Knot Pictures offers a fun and lively wedding photography service, guaranteed to capture all the best moments of your big day I vouch not only for Eve’s professional and enthusiastic attitude, but also for the fun she brings to […]

How It Should Have Ended

Most excellent – go see the Star Wars Episode IV (that’s the original 1970s one) ‘alternative ending’. There’s also an alternative ending for The Matrix Revolutions (not bad, good critique) and Saving Private Ryan (a bit silly really). 5-15mb each, several minutes long.


I’ve just added an About Me page with obligatory mindless comment. I’ve also added the excellent WP-ContactForm contact tool, also on the same page.

WikiNews reporting on the London Blast

WikiNews, the open source news reporting site, has been reporting on the London Blast from 30 minutes after the first blast. The original 4 line article was published 7th July 08:24 (time is UTC/GMT, so -1 hour on BST), and updates then occur at 08:34, 08:36, 08:38, 08:41, … and on until the most current […]
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