PyDataLondon 2016 Call for Proposals Open

Our Call for Proposals for PyDataLondon 2016 (May 6-8) is open until approx. end of February (5ish weeks), you need to get your submission in soon!

If you want to sponsor to talk with 330 cutting edge data scientists – you’d better hurry, we’ve already started signing deals.

In the CfP we’re looking for:

  • Stories about successful data science projects (including the highs and lows)
  • Machine learning (including Deep Learning) – especially why you used certain algorithms and how you diagnosed features
  • Visualisation – have you explained or explored something that’s good to share?
  • Data cleaning
  • Data process (getting data, understanding it, building models, deploying solutions)
  • Industrial and Academic stories
  • Big data including Spark

You might also be interested in PyDataAmsterdam on March 12-13th (their Call for Proposals is already open).

We’ve also got a new (temporary URL) webpage for our regular meetups here, this has notes on how to submit a talk to the meetup (not the conference, just the PyDataLondon meetup). Please take a look if you’d like to speak to 200 folk at our monthly meetup.

Ian applies Data Science as an AI/Data Scientist for companies in ModelInsight and in his Mor Consulting, sign-up for Data Science tutorials in London. He also founded the image and text annotation API, lives in London and is a consumer of fine coffees.