SocialTies is coming

Slowly but surely we’re getting there with our social-discovery app for conferences. We aim to have SocialTies in the UK iPhone App Store in the next few weeks. I demoed it to several hundred folk at EuroPython a few weeks back and it was rather well received.

Currently the Android BETA is linked from the homepage, Emily is working on the iPhone version and we figure it is time to make it public (albeit just in the UK at first). Once we’ve had the initial round of feedback we’ll open it up to US and European users (I have to do some server-side plumbing for that to work yet). We’ll also put the Android v1 into the Android App Store shortly.

It is definitely just-out-of-beta, having said that we get good feedback and we’ve got users waiting for the iPhone release. If you’re curious, visit the site and add your email to the announce mailing list, we’ll let you know when the iPhone version is published.

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