Talking on Artificial Intelligence next Tuesday at FlashBrighton

I’ve been invited to speak with John Montgomery next Tuesday at FlashBrighton – 7pm at The Werks for 1.5-2 hours or so of demos. We’ll be covering:

  • Head tracking robot (build your own in a few hours!)
  • Skiff Privacy Invasion – what we can learn from data mining the SkiffCam (the Gov’t can do it – now you can too)
  • Optical Character Recognition web service with an iPhone visual-assistant demo
  • Automatic transcription of OpenPlaques images (because Google can’t read images!)
  • Extracting text from videos to feed Google (because Google can’t read videos!)
  • Face detection proof of concept web service

Which, frankly, is quite a lot to cover in 1.5 hours and a couple of the demos still need some development…but that’s part of the fun, right? The demos are mostly in Python and will be written up on the A.I. Cookbook. The goal is to show non-A.I. programmers that a lot of A.I. is pretty accessible now via good open-source libraries.

Richard has given me a lovely Victorian-researcher inspired write-up, it is worth a proper read:

I have spoken this night with Sir Seb Lee-Delisle, the gentleman who runs the FlashBrighton club, an institution of long standing repute. He expressed great delight with my research into Artificial Intelligence, which he assuryes me he has been following with the greatest assiduity, and kindly invited me to present my findings at his club. I did of course accept, and have spent the remaynder of the day deliberating over how I might present these goode labours. I have settled on involving my £5 app collaborator Mr. John Montgomery, with whom I have been engaged on a number of projects for some little time now. …

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We’ll hope to see you along!

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