£5 App #18 – A.I. controlled kites, bootstrapped start-up, geo-urls, robots

On Tuesday we had the 18th £5 App event, details of the line-up are here.

Updatewrite-up by David Hawes on his talk.

Allister Furey on A.I. controlled kites and live physics simulations for green power generation:

£5 App #18 – Allister Furey on A.I. Controlled Kites v2 from IanProCastsCoUk on Vimeo.

David Hawes on his Boot-strapped Start-up:

£5 App #18 – David Hawes on Safety Training Network from Ian Ozsvald on Vimeo.

Jamie Mathews on HereIt.Is:

£5 App #18 – Jamie on HereIt.Is from Ian Ozsvald on Vimeo.

Preview of Steve Carpenter’s Solderless Robot Experimenter Kit:

£5 App #18 – Steve on his solderless robot from IanProCastsCoUk on Vimeo.

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