£5 App – Andy Gill, Richard Dallaway, Ben Sauer

We had a fab £5 App last night – sorry to those who tuned in looking for the live broadcast.  We had some itty-bitty bandwidth issues and uStream wouldn’t play ball so I had to record off-line.  Vimeo serves the videos just fine now.  Thanks to Jon and The Skiff for hosting us.  See photos here.

We had:

  1. Andy Gill on the launch of ChatBadge.com – see Andy’s write-up
  2. Richard Dallaway on the launch of Taykt.com
  3. Ben Sauer on the super-memory techniques used in Anki

Five Pound App #17 – Andy Gill on ChatBadge from IanProCastsCoUk on Vimeo.

Five Pound App #17 – Richard Dallaway (taykt.com) and Ben Sauer (Anki) from Ian Ozsvald on Vimeo.

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