Enabling Marble Mouse Scroll-wheel on Ubuntu 9.04, PulseAudio

In my recent upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to the latest 9.04 I lost the scroll wheel on my Marble Mouse.  The solutions is in this Logitech Marblemouse USB help page at Ubuntu via this forum entry.

I’m also annoyed by PulseAudio (again).  Once again it takes over from ALSA but doesn’t output any sound, currently I have to kill pulseaudio in the task manager and then set the volume to 100% (it gets set to 0% by pulseaudio).  So, now I’ll uninstall pulseaudio like I did before.

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  • This may help for Marble Mouse https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Logitech_Marblemouse_USB#Middle%20Click