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16 April 2009 - 13:34SlackSpace foray on Saturday, configuring Flickr for location data

I’m joing Matt Weston and co. on Saturday morning (9am @ Brighton Station) for the Slack Space (Guardian, Ivan, BeeKeeper) survey there are probably better ways of doing it than this.

Slack Space is all about re-purposing empty buildings so we can do something better with them than let them sit vacant.  The first step is to survey where the empty buildings are…

Matt has suggested using a camera, pen and paper to build a list of locations powered by bikes.  I figured with my iPhone I can go one better – I can take photos, upload with GPS locations to flickr and then expose the location info for easy mapping.  Coupled with the flickr tag SlackSpaceBrighton we can easily aggregate all the locationed-photos on a map.

There is one configuration step required to get the location data into flickr (it could be done on the day as long as you have web access).  Go to Your Account in flickr and then visit Privacy and Permissions and make sure:

  1. Hide your EXIF data is No (I think this is the default anyway)
  2. Import EXIF location data is Yes (you MUST set this one)

If Import EXIF location data is left to No (the default) then you’ll lose location data when the pictures are uploaded.

Flickr asked me for one more privacy setting when I flicked Import EXIF location data to Yes, I think it was ‘who can see the location in your photos?’ and I left it at the default of ‘Everyone’.

Hope to see you along on Saturday 🙂

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