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11 May 2007 - 15:08Second £5 App Write-up – Social Start-ups

Tuesday night saw another very successful £5 App meet where Alan Newman and Raj Anand spoke on their startups (html-slides below).

Alan and Raj at £5 App Meet

Alan discussed the rocky road to building a stable development company (SensibleDevelopment.com) and his effeffelle.com social footy site. Raj gave a very interesting talk on ‘how to start a start-up’, a subject he blogs about occasionally on the Kwiqq blog.

See their web-friendly slides here:

This is our second event (earlier announce) which follows our first event the previous month.

[Update – Dan Glegg, speaker for the next event, has a write-up of this evening and talks about his subject for the third event]

As before – feedback was great, Clive has a write-up and it seems that our free beer and cake is appreciated 🙂 Thanks again to Danny and Ben of HoboInternet for providing such a great venue and to Jane for once again taking an excellent set of photographs.


We also introduced our new Job/Skills/Announce Board which was quickly filled (see picture and web-links on the linked post) – we’ll want it crammed next time! This is a great opportunity for you to post about jobs, available-skills and event announces.

The third £5 App will take place on June 12th (Upcoming announce to follow) and we’ll have a new format. Dan Glegg will be the only speaker – he’ll talk about his Ruby tools and consulting (Dan – could you Comment about this?) and may be making an Announce on the night.

£5 App co-founder John is keen to get some geeky discussions going to balance out the business-founder-stories – so rather than have a second speaker we’ll probably open the floor to several proposed £5-apps. A speaker will introduce an idea and the group can discuss it and maybe a new project or two will be born there and then. We’re keen to experiment and see what format(s) work best for everyone, so do ping us feedback!

Mailing list: Are you on the mailing list? If not then leave a comment below and I’ll add you to the list – I make an Announce every month about the upcoming event.

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