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27 May 2005 - 12:02Blogs-for-you

How do I find other blogs that are like my own? The blogosphere is pretty damned large, and trying to find others who blog about the same sort of thing as me is tricky. So tricky that I often don’t try, I just stumble onto them every now and again. Surely there’s a better way?

Technorati can tell me about what’s hot on the web and there’s collaborative bookmark sharing at delicio.us. One thing I haven’t seen is a blog-search tool that’ll tell me about other bloggers who:
1. Discuss the same sort of content as me
2. Link to the same sets of blogs as me

I link to The Long Tail, Doc Searl, Seth Godin and my friends – so who else links to those sites? Maybe I want to read their blogs too.

Of course spidering my site for my blogroll will be slightly tricky, and it’ll vary with other blogging tools. Maybe we need the blog software to serve up some of this info just like it serves up an RSS feed? It’d then be trivial to spider a million blogs, see who links to who and suggest connections that I’d not have known about. Has anyone seen a search engine along these lines?

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